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Locally reared meat boxes delivered

Our delicious 28 day hung Devon beef is available in both our small and large meat boxes which can be delivered directly to you. We can tailor the boxes to meet your own taste, or you can buy all our beef individually - perfect if you just want a couple of steaks or a joint for the family Sunday roast.

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    £12 per kg

    A really tasty slow cooking steak, great for stews or slow cooker curries

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    Small Meat Box 6 Kg


    Small Meat Box Topside or Silverside Joint 1.5kg Slow Roasting Joint 1kg Sirloin or Rump Steak 1kg Diced Beef 1kg Minced Beef

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Cattle have always been part of our lovely estate, grazing our permanent pasture in the Wye Valley. We have until recently been selling our cattle to Marks & Spencer’s, but wanted to use our grass better and not have to feed corn to produce a supermarket type of product. To utilise the grass better we felt we needed to move away from the mass-produced foreign beef breeds and go back to the traditional English breeds. They would thrive on our permanent pasture producing a better quality of meat. This is how we got involved in Ruby Red Devon’s.

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The Ruby Red Devon are a very old traditional breed originally based in North Devon. They are a slow growing breed, that love to be outside grazing and do particularly well on herb rich permanent grass. There meat is renowned for being fantastically tender due to the slower growth.

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We started off buying a Bull to cross on to our Continental cows and then set about looking for a couple of pure breed Heifers. We were very lucky to find the fantastic Hansnett Herd for sale as a whole, so instead of a couple of young ladies to start us off slowly, we jumped in at the deep end with 10 cows with calves. There was a lot of quality in the herd with bloodlines winning at the Royal Show. The new herd settled in well with our existing cattle and started to show us exactly why they were the perfect cattle to be grazing our varied and beautiful landscape.   

Perrystone Estate

Rich In Heritage

The history of Perrystone Estate is a long one. It is set in South West Herefordshire and once enclosed a 1,000 acre deer park, which was recorded in The Domesday Book.

In the 1850s, Perrystone was part of a 5,000 acre estate owned by Lord Ashburton. In the 1900s it was passed onto the descendents of Clive of India. In most recent history, it has joined with Brockhampton Estate and is under the long term stewardship of the Clay Family.

In total the family look after around 4300 acres of rolling Herefordshire countryside, nestling on the banks of the spectacular River Wye.

The 2 estates contain a large amount of history. 2 Scheduled monuments, 3 SSSI’s, historic settlements and ports. The land is broken up with ancient woodland, tree lined avenues and historic parkland. We are very lucky to be able to manage the estates for the long term, the ethos is to “farm for the grandchildren”.

The cattle form an important part of managing the heritage and permanent pasture that runs through the estate.

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We promise not to swamp you with spam, just to let you know about our tasty meat offers!