Gareth Bubb:

Getting the slow roast joints from Perrystone Meats works for us as a family.  They are a great alternative to the traditional Sunday roast joint.  Cooking them on a low heat for a long time means that we can get on with other things during the day and just have to prepare the vegetables when we get in.  The quality is excellent, it’s tender and full of flavour.  We usually go with the Brisket or Blade but also try the Bread and Butter joint if you want to go with something a bit different.

The Madras curry recipe is a Saturday night favourite in our household, it’s not too spicy and really easy to make.  What makes the dish is the Shin beef from Perrystone meats, it’s strong beef flavour still comes through the spices of the curry.  We leave it in the slow cooker all day which makes the shin beef really tender and is a hit with the children. For anyone who’s not used shin beef before, it needs a little bit of trimming, but it’s definitely worth the effort. 

Calvin & Sarah Harris-Morris:

Thank you Perrystone Meats for our beautiful Silverside, it was so tender and delicious, there was even enough left for a casserole the next night.

Liz Morton:

Thank you Perrystone Meats for our delicious Rib of Beef, this was the main attraction for our Christmas dinner and it was mouth wateringly beautiful, with the most outstanding flavour.

Alison Thompson:

Exceptionally special family time and our food was nothing less than first class.  Service and food was the maker.

Nikki Cox:

The taste of this Beef is unbelievable nice, I had a couple of chuck joints, slowed cooked them for friends who all wanted more! Can't wait to try my Sirloin Steaks at the weekend.

Neil Fox:

Bought some Steak from Perrystone Meats. Lovely marbling in the meat and it ate very well.  I like the fact that I know the animals are grass fed having seen them grazing the fields.  Looking forward to trying the Rib Eye Steak.

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